Monday, July 16, 2012

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Hey All!

No pictures this week. Sorry. But everything is good here in San Vicente! We are working hard and doing good work here! The highlight has been freezing and below freezing temperatures this week. After not having a winter for a few years that is really nipping me in the bud. I've been thinking alot this week about desires and how inportant it is that our desires be higher and bigger than the simple basic carnal desires. I don't desire to leave every day in the cold and yet I have an overreaching desire to find someone prepared to hear this message and so I leave every morning from the comfort of my home to DO WORK! Our desires are something that we can change. They are a descision. We should control our desires and not be controled by our desires. That is my short inspirational message this week! I love ya'll and am thinking about you! A late but wholehearted birthday shout out to Quinn and Carson and Nathan and Ethan AND Sarah Kruit! You are the best and not forgotten by this Argentine Gringo Missionary!


Elder Anderson


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  2. Wow, tu blog és muy bueno! Soy del Brasil y iré para Misión Argentina Buenos Aires Sur también. Entraré en el CCM día 30/08/12.

    Wow, your blog is so cool =]! Im from Brazil and I'll go to Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission too. 08/30/12 I'll enter at the MTC.