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Mailing Update!

Cameron writes "if you mail packages under 4 lbs we get it straight here and I'll get them in a few days.  If you mail anything over that it'll take 6-8 weeks and cost me money to get them.  Always write "missionary supplies" on the declaration slip. Just send everything regular US mail.  Get a box that makes it look like it is worthless like Rice Crispy boxes and stuff.  No expensive looking boxes.

Elder Anderson loves getting letters and packages!  Please do not send money in the mail to Argentina, however. Write to him at the following address. It is the mission home and they will deliver his mail to him wherever he lives at the time.

Elder Cameron Mark Anderson

Mision Argentina Buenos Aires Sur

Quintana 447

1846 Adrogue

Buenos Aires-Argentina

You can also continue to use the pouch through Dear Elder, but need to navigate through their site for details.  However, do not use the MTC link anymore since he is now in Argentina.!