Monday, September 24, 2012

Por fin! Una carta de verdad! Que trucho que han sido! :)

Hey all!

Another week here in Luis Gillon! I have already been here for three whole weeks! Time really does truly fly! I can't believe it. This week we had a really really funny experience. We were trying to find a family that had requested that we pass for their house. We knocked the door and it turns out that they are not the same family. So my Companion asks the young man if he had ever talked with missionaries before. The guy looked at him confused. Something to know about my companion is that he has a very thick American accent when he speaks Castellano and so most people have a hard time understanding him. My companion asked him again if he had ever talked with missionaries and he replied back, "Do I want to talk to you guys? Well I guess so...I've never talked with you guys before!" My companion and I just stared at him. We had no idea what was going on at that point. He looked at us and said "Well are you gonna come in or what?" We laughed and went in and had a great talk with him and his wife. They are a great couple and are very excited to get to know them and teach them the gospel. Now my companion can never remember his name. He always calls him Sanchez and his name is Ramón. Not even close!!!! :) Makes me laugh. The small things in life like that keep me smiling and keep me going.

I've realized that these last few weeks have been really difficult for me and yet I feel like I am where I need to be doing what I need to be doing. Seeing people change and smile and laugh and have hope because they learn more of the gospel is the most satisfying experience. I've learned that I am most satisfied when I don't think in myself and think in others. That my problems seem very small and that the generally resolve themselves when I do my part and then try to focus on others and lifting them. It is hard to be down on yourself when you are teaching such things as that the family can be forever. That God loves us and knows us, and that he wants us to come unto him to be lifted and changed. He wants the best for us. He really does. It makes me so happy to know and teach that! Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

I am doing well and watching time fly by. Scares me.

Also Happy birthday to Madeline (sorry, a little late) and to My Nana Olivia! I love you both so much! My birthday gift to you is a beso and I'll eat some steak and pasta for you! :)

Elder Anderson 


Hey All!

This week has one word! TEMPLE! The temple of Buenos Aires was rededicated and it was amazing! It is something that you cannot describe. PLUS I don't have time.... :) But I love you all and I'm sure my mom will cut and paste something from the email I sent her! Wink wink nod nod mom!

Elder Anderson

Part of a letter to his mom:

I have thought of all of you soo much this week as I have been so connected with the temple and Rededication. It was a moment for me to recognize that now is a time for me to rededicate myself to the Lord as well. Refocus and really do EVERYTHING I can to be worthy of his blessing and his trust.
Through all the course of events I have had my testimony so strengthened in the thoughts that we are childern of God and that he loves us. That the priesthood is real and has power over ALL things, and that the light overcomes all darkness. That families can be together forever if we do our part and endure to the end. That repentance is real and means not only not doing bad things but replacing them with very good things.

It is an amazing time to be a missionary here in Buenos Aires. I have come to feel like I am one of the people and that I belong here. As scary as I'm sure that is for you to hear! :) I love these people so much and I feel like I am one of them. That they are my people. I don't think I've loved so much for people I don't really know in my entire life. I love them so much!

Friday we were able to listen to President Eyring. All the missionaries in Buenos Aires, over 600 all went to Ramos Mejia in the West Mission and he held a fireside with Elder Ballard and Elder Christofferson. It was amazing and the spirit was so strong there. He said something that made me remember you. He said "Smile! Be happy! God wants you to have joy! On top of that, who will listen to you if you look sad and tired! I promise that if you smile more, you will BE happier!" That is something that I remember you told me a while ago and thought...."interesting that Mom and Elder Eyring recieved the same bit of revelation. Must be true!" It made me SMILE and think of you.

Saturday we spent the day in the Soccor Stadium of a team called Independientes. It is in Avellaneda where I started my mission and was strange to go back. A very cool experience. Once again ALL the missionaries were there and it was fun to see many that I hadn't seen in a long time and see some from the MTC in other missions.

Sunday, yesterday we went to the dedication. I cannot describe the spirit I felt and the LOVE that was so strongly felt. God loves his children! President Eyring said something that made me cry because it was something that I had felt before. He gave his testimony and said, "Your descendents were the people that greated Christ the first time he came to the Americas. Those are they that bathed his feet with their tears and kisses. I see in your eyes that you are the same type of people. That you will be those that will greet him at his second coming." I feel that very often in my interactions with these people. They have a profound love for their Savior. They really come to know him. And when he comes, they will already recognize him and he will recognize them.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ya...lame I know.

Hi all!

No writing this week! Sorry! But suffice it to say that I am doing well and just keeping on keeping on!

Here are some pictures of the temple of Buenos Aires!


Elder Anderson 

The trip was AMAZING!!!!! By far one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission thus far. We had 42 members there and 68 investigators. We are working miracles here in San Vicente. We took more investigators than the rest of our stake combined. It was incredible and all from the excitement and commitment of our members and rama. It was so beautiful!