Monday, July 16, 2012


Hey All!

Another Great week in San Vicente, Buenos Aires, Argentina!

The highlight was obviously the baptism of our good friend Rafael.  He is an incredible guy and is so spiritually and emotionally prepared and is making big changes in his life. It is interesting. Being a member of this church is not like other organizations. You can't just go and be present and that is ok.  It is not what we do, rather it is who we are.  It is what we do think and desire every minute of every day of ever week of every year of all our life for forever.  To really follow Jesus Christ and not just belive in him is really hard.  It requires me to do things better, to be better, to do more, than I would doing my own thing and running my own program. So to begin to live this gospel and follow Jesus Christ can be hard.  Like his original Apostles, he calls us to leave everything and follow Him.  It seems like alot if we forget all the blessings and benefits of being a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Really all he is asking us to give up is ignorance, misery, a life without purpose, and in turn he gives us wisdom, joy and a focused direction with goals and help all along the way. Really there is no sacrifice at all! We get paid double!

We've been a little sick from the weird weather here. One day it is freezing cold and the other it is hot enough to leave in short sleeve shirts. Reminds me of the fall in Colorado. Always changing and never what they predict. It makes it fun but all gives everyone a cold. So we were fighting against that all week. But a little cold isn't gonna stop us too much. We worked hard and had some really cool experiences.

Overall feelings of my life right now....content, happy, tired, hungry, and STOKED FOR THE FUTURE! Everything is great even when it is not because tomorrow I get a chance to try it all over again and do better. Lucky for us right?! 
I'm running short on time so I'll leave you all with this note and a bunch of pictures and just tell you all that I love you and pray for you a bunch!


Elder Anderson 

P.S. Anyone thinking of serving a mission out their with doubts, here is my advice. Do it! You will never regret it! The world stays the same while you are gone. The only thing that changes is you and the change is that you improve drastically! DO IT!!!! IT IS AWESOME!!!!!

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