Monday, July 16, 2012

Rain, rain, humidity, mud


Hey all! ¿Que onda? So everything here in Buenos Aires is genial! Elder Phillips and I are doing super well and working hard and seeing alot of mini-miracles. God loves us a whole lot! 

Fun things this week would have to be rain and humidity for 4 days in a row. Always a blast when you bike around in a white shirt. My shirts by the end of the day end up a little less than white. That is for darned sure! We had the opportunity on Sunday to have the confirmation of Rafael. He was so happy and content and just glowed. He has come to know all by himself that all this is true! He has read the Book of Mormon, and meditated, and prayed! And just like is promised, he received an answer to his prayer! Amazing how every time God makes a promise he holds up his end of the deal! 
I've found that conversion is like baking a chocolate cake. There is a specific recipe for making a chocolate cake and there is a specific way to reach conversion. If you follow the recipe for chocolate cookies hoping to have a cake at the end, you are going to be sorely disappointed. Many people try to find out if the Book of Mormon and gospel of Jesus Christ is true but in their own way. The only way to get the desired results is follow the recipe that God has put in place for us. If we don't follow the specific steps of reading, pondering and then praying for a specific answer if it is true, we will not receive a specific answer. We will not receive the chocolate cake! I invite all of you to follow the recipe and find out if these things are true. Every single person who has been truly converted to this church and this gospel has followed this process and received an answer. There is only one way! We cannot worship God in OUR way and get HIS blessings. We must worship him in HIS way to get HIS blessings. The trick is finding out which way is HIS way. I've come to know that THIS way is HIS way through reading, pondering and praying. It is pretty cool! I love being a Mormon! Apart from being true, it is so cool!

I hope you are all happy and healthy! I sure am! Everything here is good and I'm just trucking along. I'm almost a year old this month! So crazy how fast time flies! Makes you learn and grow up fast!


Elder Anderson   

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