Tuesday, June 25, 2013


June 10, 2013

Some pics!

These are all pictures from his missionary companion, Christopher Anaya.  The comments are from Elder Anaya too:

Elder Anaya: The views from our apartment. cant, complain, i love where we live, hot water, cant hear when it rains, no leaks, and awesome. We live on the 16 floor, there are 25. The other side of the river is capital.

Elder Anaya: Messing around after some service, it is an abandoned, bad structure that was going to be apartment. We have some people that live at the bottom and right next to it. 

Elder Anaya: Random pony attached to apartments =)

Elder Anaya: Great family, Miriam and Fransisco. We are trying to get them married, and they want to, but it is difficult because they are from Paraguay and Peru.

Elder Anaya: We had to get to the apartment early last night because of the riots and crazy stuff that happens after soccer games. This is the traffic of all the cars trying to get back home on our side, leaving capital. 

Elder Anaya: And the sweet zone activity we had, I set it up so that we could all, except for me, throw flour and eggs on him. My comps Bday is on Wednesday.  I was going to do something crazy on Wednesday but we have a zone conference.  But as you can tell we love him.  We wanted to make sure he had the best and last Bday on the mission. =)

Cam: This is my birthday party! Got eggs and flour thrown at me! Gotta love those Argentine traditions! This is our zone too! 

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