Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sweet and Short.....just linke my favorite asian people. :)

(December 10, 2012)

Hi all. Really short and sweet this week. First off I want to wish my Grandpa Tom a Happy Birthday. Grandpa I look up to you alot. You are one of my greatest examples.

Some things I realized this week I take for granted:
  • Running water....we haven't had any for 9 days.
  • Showering....thanks to not having running water.
  • Umbrellas and rain Jackets that work. I actually have both but it has rained so hard lately and for so long.
  • Credit cards that work without having to put in your social security number. Here it is called your DNI and I can-t remember my Argentine DNI so I have to just take out cash at the ATM. Lame.
  • Barbeque sauce....I am sick of meat with absolutely no seasoning or sauce.
  • Fruits and Veggies.....hard to come by and VERY expensive.
  • Trains and buses that always run.
  • Having a car and not having to use trains and buses.
  • People smiling and having all their teeth...very rare here.
Overall a good week. We are working hard and echando las ganas. So things are looking up. Looking forward to talking with my family on Christmas. It is the best gift ever.
Love you all,
Elder Anderson

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  1. Elder Anderson! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I'm going to Ukraine for my mission!! (Don't worry, I'll write you a letter and tell you all about it!) Good luck everything!! Hang in there! Love, Sister Sherilyn McGinnis