Sunday, December 16, 2012

Short and Sweet....sorry

(November 26, 2012)

Hi all!

So the news of this week would be that I received ANOTHER companion and didn't loose one! That is right! I am now the leader of a tripod! Super crazy and funny. My new comp is Named De Oliviera from Brazil and my good ol comp Bradshaw from UTAH. We are doing great and working hard and just "raining train" on Luis Guillon (for you old timers that means something like "tearing it up").

I am yet again sniffly and sick though. That would be the bummer. Probably because I've been crying in my bed at night so much....just kidding!!!! Doing good but one day really hot and the next rainy and cold in killing me. I am not feeling 100% but "fake it till you make it."

The biggest news for taday is that my MOM IS HAVING A BIRTHDAY!!!!! Happy Birthday Mommy! I miss you a lot Mom!!!! Don't worry though, I'm still gonna send that letter I have written!Other than that everything is regular and AWESOME!!!!

I love you all and miss you a ton!


Elder Anderson

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