Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hey all!

To start off I have some recognizing to do! First off I have to apologize to my Sister Katherine....I may or may not have spaced your birthday.....BUT A LETTER WILL BE IN THE MAIL SOON!!!!! Happy Birthday Sis! I love you so much! Keep kicking butt in Hair cutting or nail painting school or whatever you are doing!!!! :) Haha! Also my Aunt Michele had a birthday and I want to tell you that you are awesome and I miss you and when I get back if I go to BYU Provo I will be stopping by the house frequently! And last but not least the cousins! Happy Birthday Jakester and Janalynn! I love you guys!....Can't wait to hear from you!!! (Wink wink nod nod). Now that I got all that off my chest, I feel alot better!

This week has been quite the adventure! After talkingto the family it is always kinda hard to get going and stay focused. That has definitely been the case here. Didn't help that we've had thunderstorms and torrential rain showers all week long either. Everything was overcast and hazy and the people tend to act the same. But the good news is that they are predicting sunlight by Wednesday! Winter is definitely rolling around though!

I myself am doing well. Gave myself a haircut and took a shower for the first time in a while so I am feeling fine and fresh! :)
The craziest thing that has happened to me this week would have to be catching my pant leg on the bike crank and tearing my pants from foot to crotch wide open! We did an emergency repair with some borrowed scotch tape, finished off the day and 5 hours later dropped the pants off at an older sisters house to stitch and sow everything back up! Thank goodness for the grandma's here that take care of us! Sad news of all this is that I forgot my camera this day....so I guess you'll just have to use your imagination! Shouldn't be too hard. Imagine lots of mud, it is raining, the pants are grey, the bike is black, and when they tear right open I just start laughing. One of those "Can this situation get any better/worse?" moments. It was pretty funny.

We have seen alot of people this week that are not progressing because they won't pray. I guess I always took for granted prayer. It is something that has always been part of my life and never a challenge. But I have recognized that for some people it is really hard for them to find the faith and courage to say a prayer. I can't imagine. But something is true for every situation. When they finally get up the gumption to pray, they finish and feel a peace and the reality that someone is listening. Iknow that God listens to our prayers. That he is real. That he is just like you and me....but perfect! That he is our
father and heloves us!

Overall I am really happy. We are getting nervouse. The transfer is coming to an end and in two weeks we will have changes. I will for sure 100% get a new companion or move to a totally new area and new companion! I am excited and nervous. The favorites and my hope is that I get to go to La Plata or La Costa! We'll see! If I stay in San Vicente I'll be supér happy to!

Love you, and pray for all ya´ll!


Elder Cam Anderson

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