Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's a Boy!!!!!!

Hi all!!!

Another beautiful week here in the beautiful land of San Vicente!

Some highlights:
  • Zone Conference. This is when a ton of elders get together (34 to be exact) and we get taught by the President of our mission and his wife how to be better missionaries! It is always way good and I always learn a ton! THe only hard part is that they generally are really long. This last one lasted for 9 hours. Sometimes my attention span is a little shorter than the meeting. IT was still really good though. The theme was something different, but for me I learned alot about integrity. We live in a world where our word of honor isn't worth much anymore. But I want o be a man of integrity. What I promise, I will do. It was really good!
  • Having a Family Home Evening (Spiritual message, Game and Food) with the entire Branch here. We told everone to get there at 7:00 and the first people got there at about 7:45.....ya.....that is not Ok. But in the end we had about 40 people show up and everyone left spiritually uplifted, full of pizza and happy. 
  • Finding out that I will be staying in San Vicente for three more months!!!!! A really really long time! I will be here in total nine months!!!! I got a call on Saturday afternoon a few hours before transfers. It was the President of the MisiĆ³n and he asked how I was and then asked if I would be willing to train a brand new missionary in San Vicente. I said "Yes" over the phone and "WOHOOOO!" in my mind! I'm pretty excited and pretty nervouse! When you train a new missionary here, we call the new guy your "son." So this will be my first child. It is a boy. I'm not sure of height weight or ethnicity yet, but it will for sure be a boy!  Haha! We'll see how he turns out. His mother (my last companion) was from Uruguay!  So ya! I'm gonna be a missionary father! They get in tomorrow and we start running with them! Pretty cool!
So that is the news from here. All in all I am doing really well. Other than the diahrea for the last 5 days, everything is great! No worries, medication is on its way! I don't know what they are feeding me here but it destroys my system 100%. I don't know if it is that I have the digestive and immune systems of a 5 year old or what but I have just not been able to get 100% healthy here. I'm hoping that will change with the excitment and challenge of having a new comp! Who knows though! 

Winter time is coming on fast with the mornings at 6 or 7 degrees celcius every morning. We'll see how it all goes with that too! Everything is changing and I am excited!

Love you all so much and hope you are all enjoying an awesome summer!!!!


Elder Anderson 

Lavtaro and Milagros in their fairy and zorro outfits!

Us at a Book reading of a member...wierd

The Family Rodriguez

Bad Bike Seat!!!!

Me and Elder Jolly

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