Monday, April 16, 2012


April 8, 2012

Hey All!

Lots of fotos this week!

I hope you like them! Life here in San Vicente is just great! We are working hard and it is so awesome! There is nothing more satisfying than hard work well done. I am alot healthier and therefore alot happier! Funny how those two things often go hand in hand. Everything is just more beautiful when your body is working right!
We had a really good week starting off with interviews with President Stapley in Adrogue. It was really nice to just talk with someone and to have them ask, "How are you? What do you need?" Plus he asked me in English! I always took for granted how nice it is to speak the same language as all the people surrounding you. It is really....convenient. By now I can communicate just fine in Castellano but speaking in English is something I look forward to once in a while.

We've been working lately with alot of really great families that are investigating the church. It is amazing how much love and peace people feel when they really truly seek truth. I know this gospel that  we share is true and makes people genuinely happy and it is beautiful to see that change in people. Once in a while I ask myself "why am I so blessed?" and the answer is always the same "because I (God) love you and you are worth it to me." Even when I don't feel like I am worth it, I am worth it to him. Something I am learning from all this is that I don't deserve anything. That I am blessed far more than what I put in. God is not fair. He slants everything in our favor. It is truly amazing. I love you all and I am doing great!

Love you,

Elder Cam

 Hermana Villa- Relief Society President in San Vicente

Part of a care package from home

Awesome Package from Chad and Trish Christiansen

Another package from Colorado-yeah!

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