Friday, March 16, 2012

Some growing experiences from this week.....

March 6, 2012


Howdy Folks. Hope you are all doing great! I'm doing just fine here in San Vicente, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've been a little sick for about two weeks but I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I think I'll be all recovered by next week.  Lately I've been passing through alot of difficult situations that have humbled me alot and I am learning a ton. Some things I have learned:

1) I hate the heat and I am so excited for winter.

2) I hate dogs. I loved them before coming to Argentina, but here there is Dog to human ratio of about 5:1 and they are all mangy and pee on your suit jackets and scriptures. And just not cool.

3) That if you don'tlike someone you can learn to like them. There is something awesome in every single chabon and cazy.

4) If your boogers are neon green and glow in the should probably see a doctor (I still haven’t gone and I'm not planning on going. Haha! Take that!)

5) Even though 100 pesos is only about 25 dollars it feels like alot....especially when you lose it and were going to buy groceries with that.

6) The grease they put on bike chains here stains white shirts really bad.

7) Being happy is a choice and the solution to everything. Sometimes you have to force a smile, but if you force it for long enough you'll actually start to feel happy and it'll become real!

Overall it's been a pretty great week. It might be my last here in San Vicente. We find out if we stay or go this Saturday. I've realized that I've worked really hard here in San Vicente and we've seen a lot of miracles and results. Our tiny branch of the church here is growing. Little by little, but it is growing! Through all the rough things that I've experienced here, the lesson I have learned is that God loves us so much and won't leave us hanging in the crappy experiences. We have to pass through but he is waiting on the other side with a smile and a hug and the classic question "What lesson have we learned here?" I love you all very much and hope you are doing awesome! I'm doing pretty darn good myself! I pray for you all and think about you often even though I shouldn't! :)

Elder Cam

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