Friday, March 16, 2012

San Vicente AGAIN!!!!

March 12, 2012

Hey all!

So it turns out that I'll be here in San Vicente for another 6 weeks. It'll be pretty interesting. We are still seeing progress but at times the work is frustrating. Something I've noticed though is that things are good when I am happy, and when I get tired or just frustrated the progress of everything seems to slow down. So the secret is that if I am happy, things go well. Looks like I need to be happier.

This last week has been pretty normal. The only different thing would be that we had Zone Conference. We got together with about 50 other Elders and with the mission president and had a Capacitation. It was really really good. He talked alot about how obedience brings happiness and peace. It's true. We can see the difference between the happiness of those that obey the commandments and those who don't. In Mosiah 2 it talks alot about that. That obedience is the only way to be truly happy. Turns out in this life that we can choose to do whatever we want but in the end we can't choose the consequences of our actions. Those come pre-packaged as a result of what we do whether we like it or not. If I choose to be happy, I'm gonna end up seeing things better and more optimistically as a natural result of my choice to be happy.

The mission is divided up into transfers or time increments of 6 weeks. Every 6 weeks there are changes of area or companions in the mission. This last transfer has been a real challenge for me. I have learned through really difficult experiences how to be humble. Sometimes God puts us through alot so we are malleable enough and he can form us into what we can be. I've realized through all of these experiences that I, Elder Cameron Anderson, have alot of potential. That the only thing that keeps me from changing and being better is me. 

Wilford Woodruff, a modern day prophet taught alot about that. He said, "I firmly believe that every person has the potential to change." His quote was longer and more profound but I forgot it. No worries, I wrote it down....somewhere. But he talked about the idea that as we are obedient and humble God takes us through the fires of this life and molds us into the person we can truly be. That reaching our fullest potential really is rough and stinks sometimes. Made me think of my High School Cross Country Coach who always used to tell me "If you are comfortable, then you aren't running hard enough." He was right. If we truly are trying to do our best and be better everyday, then we should feel stretched a little. A little worthwhile. Turns out that these are the experiences that stick in our minds and make us who we are. I'm not sure if I´m ranting or preaching to the choir, but it is a lesson that is new and I really truly am learning it right now. Lucky for me! :)

I love you all. Hope you are healthy and happy. Don't worry Quinn, I'm
almost perfectly healthy!!!!

Love you all,

Elder Cam

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