Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So Awesome

Hey Everyone!

Another great week here in my little pueblocito of San Vicente, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The opposite of where all of you are at right now, it is hot and humid and muggy and I'm sweating a ton as I type right now.
I had a really cool spiritual experience this week. For those of you who are not "Mormons" we have a tradition to bless babies with a name after they are born. Names are very important in our religion and so you begin your life with a priesthood ordinance for a "name and a blessing" we say. I had the opportunity this Sunday to bless a week old baby with a name and a blessing. Her name is Sofia, and it was one of the most beautiful and spiritual experiences that I've ever had. Babies come into this word 100% pure and beautiful, without any type of sin. To hold this little girl in my arms and to give her a name and then present her to God and to the people here on the earth was a privilege and incredible experience. It filled me full of love. It was another testimony to me of the truthfulness of this gospel, the gospel of Jesus Christ- that little children are pure and that we need to become more childlike. Mind you, there is a grand difference between childish and childlike. Childlike is the goal for us to become submissive and meek to our Heavenly Father- that we put our desires aside and learn to follow Him. I know that as we become more Childlike we will be blessed and we will reach our potential, as sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.  As His children, if we are faithful, one day we can inherit all that he has. Think about what that means. WE will inherit all that he has if we become like unto a child and if we keep His commandments and endure to the end. I know God loves us and we are his children. I know that without a doubt.

This week my goal is to become more pure like Sofia. What is your goal?


Elder Anderson

P.S. ....still no pictures.....sorry. I'm doing really good! Trust me!!!! :)

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