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Tengo Fe!!!

Oct. 24, 2011
Hey All!!!!
Another week gone here in Argentina! It is weird; I've never measured my time before in Mondays. But here I am! Measuring my time in Mondays! 5 Mondays here in Argentina!!! FWAAA!!! (That is what all the Porteños say instead of like WOW or NO WAY) This week has been incredible.
Some funny experiences. First, the Spanish mix up of the week. There is a very large and important difference between Ramera and Remera. Look it up.
Secondly, we had a great week working in an area that the missionaries call "Gotham City." It is an apartment complex that looks like something out of Batman. All the buildings are 10ish stories with no lights in the stairs or hallways and falling apart. Super Cool!!! Fun to walk around in. The picture is from a 5th or 6th story and the colorful building below is a Jardin or Preschool/ Kindergarten.
Third, THE 29TH IS MY DAD'S BIRTHDAY!!!! Feliz Cupleaños Papá!!!!! You are the best Dad in the whole world and my gift to you this week and year is the following story. The Dad in this story makes me think of you. He is so strong and full of love for his family. You are an amazing Father and partly because of you I am here. Thanks for sharing your gift with everyone (not that you really had a choice...) Love, Elder Cam.
 I want to share with you all something sacred that has happened this week here. We as Elders get to see and participate in alot of sacred experiences but this one for me was life changing. We have a recent convert family here in our ward, Avellaneda 1. They are a family of four kids and the parents are separated but coming back together. Their youngest son is named Jerad (name has been changed). He is four years old and dying of leukemia. The medical system here is dirty and poorly organized and so he cannot receive the treatments he really needs. We go over to their house every week and share a lesson with them. They are so amazing and I feel the Spirit so strong when we are with them. We found out just this week that the youngest boy had leukemia when the Bishop asked our ward or congregation to all fast for him. He is the cutest little boy. This last time we went over we taught them a lesson from Alma 50 in the Book of Mormon. In this scripture the Nephites are fortifying their cities for war. They  pile up montones de tierra, vigas, estacadas, and build torres to defend their cities. We talked about how the cities represent our families. And that we must protect and fortify our families against the evils and filth that constantly attack and tear down the family. The montones de tierra are prayer, the vigas are reading the scriptures, the estacadas are going to church, and on top of the towers we have a living prophet who can see all through revelation from God and warn us of things that are coming. When we do and have all these things in our life we are protected and safe. Andrew (name has been changed), the father was on the verge of tears and explained that more than anything, he loved his family. Before he joined the church he was a drunk and honestly drank away his sadness that his family was falling apart and blamed it on everyone else. He said now, they are doing these things, and he sees a difference and his family is fortified. The thing though, was that the miracle happened after our lesson. He said to us, now more than ever we have to rely and have faith in our Jesus Christ. He called his four year old son over who is dying and asked him, "Hey! What did I teach you?" The little boy got a huge smile and shouted "Tengo fe Pa!!" which means “I have faith Daddy!" He would raise his fist in the air and shout "Tengo fe Pa!" smile, and wait until his Dad would raise his fist in the air and say "Tengo Fe Tambien!!" or "I have faith too!" It was the most beautiful humbling thing I think I have ever seen and I am so blessed to know this amazing family. I have faith!! I know that little boy can be healed! That through the power of the priesthood, God’s power that we hold on this earth, and through his faith and the faith of his family, he can be healed. And even if he does die, he has healed all of us. He has warmed our hearts and made us reexamine our faith. If I could have half the faith of that Father and his little son, I could move mountains. I hope someday I can. I challenge you all to reexamine your faith and fortify your families that you may have the courage and the conviction to shout "Tengo Fe!!" I leave this message especially, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Elder Anderson
 Picture 1 "Gotham City"

Picture 2 Elder Guzman's Birthday

Picture 3 My desk. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.....

Picture 4 My missionary creed.

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