Monday, November 7, 2011


Nov. 7, 2011
You'll never believe it but I saw that on a guy’s shirt this week! I ran up to him and said "Are you from Hawaii (in castillano)?" And he looked at me like I was crazy and said "I don't want to hear about your church!" I laughed and walked away. I don’t think he knew what his shirt meant...
Everyone here has English words all over their shirts and they have no idea what any of it means. I saw this 5 year old girl walking down the street wearing a shirt that said "Love has failed me." I almost peed my pants! Today we saw a guy with a shirt that said "The ladies love my moustache." Ya. He didn't know what that meant either. What else... An 80 year old man wearing a Tool (the death metal band) shirt and a little kid that had a Shirt that said a lot of bad words.... Pretty funny week in the t-shirt department.
On Sunday we had a lady come to church who thinks she is Mormon but isn't really sure. It was fun explaining to her that she probably wasn't since she was baptized by a guy who said he was a Prophet. We are pretty sure that President Thomas S Monson has never come to Avellaneda... The people you meet!
This week has been so hot and I've sweated through all my shirts. It is really getting hot and humid here. Just had to throw that in. Sorry. This email is really scattered right now but it is pretty hot in here right now actually and I'm having hard time thinking.
This week has been really cool spiritually. I've been studying a lot about who our savior is and what he is like. I love 3 Nephi 11 where he comes to the Americas. I stand all amazed at his mercy and grace. He lets every single person come and have a moment with him personally to see and feel the prints of the nails in his hands and feet and the mark in his side. Every single person had the chance to meet their Savior face to face. I think each of us can have moments like this in our lives. We may not see him face to face, but there are moments when I feel he is so close. I feel in my life the effects of his sacrifice and I KNOW that he lives and loves me. It is a huge blessing. I am seeing this gospel change people’s lives. They are becoming better and stronger. We have seen drunks give up Alcohol completely, drug addicts come clean, and broken families pull together and recover from tragedies as they have been baptized and have come unto Christ. What a blessing I have. I have a font row seat on the greatest show on earth. I get to watch people change and come unto Christ and I get to see the moment when people feel his arms wrap around them. So cool to see that moment when they just get it. When they get it that God is real and he has a plan for us and all they have to do to take part in his atonement in repent, be baptized and obey his commandments until the end! The weight of obeying the commandments is so much lighter than the weight and grief of sin! ¡¡Tenga la ganas y cambia tu vida!! ¡Veni a Cristo y cambiará tu vida!
I love you all and hope you are all doing super well!
Happy birthday to Nat Kruit-en-bosch and Abersue Richards!!! I love my cousins! You guys are the best!!
Elder Cam
 P.S. Hope all are doing well in the Anderson and Miller family. I love you all so much and you are all so strong. Be brave! Love, Cam

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