Monday, April 1, 2013

Not much

Hey Everyone!

An update here from the Acorn Grove (translation of Avellaneda)! Another hot week! Hot like fire!!! We have been doing really well and have been seeing a lot of miracles! This time of Pascua or Easter has been amazing. It is a time when the difference between believers and followers is apparent  Those who believe in Christ recognize the purpose and maybe go to church for Easter and call it good. Those who follow Christ sanctify this holiday making it something special in family or within their congregations  It is a time of thanksgiving and gratitude to the Savior for all he has done. The difference between believing and following has been on my mind a lot lately.

Everything is generally the same in my life. Working hard and growing and changing. I'm kinda mind dead right now. Me and my companion just ate 2 kilos of french fries together. The oil is getting to my head. Here are some great pics from the last little bit though!


Elder Anderson

Baptism of Branko

Us eating "Animal Fries" from in and out Argentina

My feet and SUD!!!!!

The cars at night in the downtown! 

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  1. eee ta Re piola Wacho zarpado!! (i like this one :P)