Monday, April 1, 2013


March 25, 2013

This is me in front of Capital

This is me under a highway

Yup. I get kissed by girls on the mission

Me on our roof

Us and the Kids. Vero and David

Us and the kids again. Elder Alvarez is from Uruguay

Me on the rock

Us and the Paraguayo kids from the Familia Benitez

Kid robbed my camera and this is what happened. That is the face of "alright now give me back my camera!"

Baptism of Carlos Benitez by his cousin David

Us in the truck. Not legal but totally normal. 

Tower and Little Benjamin Solorsa

Another Succesful pday of laundry 

BK cuadruple stacker baby!!!! HELLO DELICIOUS!!!!

I am the Walrus! CUCUCACHU!!!! 

Argentines LOVE tang. There is a whole aisle of it!

Just sitting here in the family history center writing you a note! Here is a live action foto for you! It is rainy and dreary outside and we're going to go to BURGER KING in a little bit to buy ourselves QUADRUPLE STACKERS!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!

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