Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Por fin!!!!


Long time no write! Sorry about that! Not super great of me....but I'm back on track and writing!  As you probably guessed, I am still here in San Vicente. We are working away and just doing great! We are preparing everything for the open house and re-dedication of the Temple of Buenos Aires! I t is amazing and I am soooo excited!  We are going to visit there within the next couple of weeks!  It is gonna be so awesome!  I miss having a temple so close like in Colorado or in Hawaii. A temple is really a huge blessing. 

The last few weeks we have just been working like crazy and couldn't even seem to get ourselves a brake!  We were running from here to there to EVERYWHERE it seemed.  I am exhausted but super happy and content with everything going on.  The lastest and greates would have to be the baptism of our Bicicletero (bike shop owner). He is a great guy and is really converted and living the gospel!  It is amazing to see! 

Some fun things from down here could be getting shot at by a grown man in the middle of nowhere with a pellet gun, or traveling for an hour and a half in pouring rain and HAIL to get to a meeting in the city of Adrogue, or maybe that a lady in our Branch made me a Beenie of the Argentine flag that is 3 feet long, or that me and my companion both got bit by little yippy dogs in the same day or maybe that we ate 24 pastries in one day. To say it shortly, life is beautiful, interesting and full of adventures. Here are a few more fotos to enjoy and I will write you all next week!

I love ya!

Elder Anderson 

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