Monday, March 4, 2013


My comp Elder Lem walking under the highway as we go to one of our appointments.

Us painting a dog with oil to get rid of the "pulgas" or fleas. You paint them up real good and them leave the oil for 3 or 4 days! I feel like a medicine man when I do it!

This is a picture of what we joke around and call "Jedi Council" It is a meeting of all the Zone leaders from the 13 zones in the mission along with the Sister Missionaries that act as trainers. The Real name of the meeting is Zone Leader Conference.

The water is contaminated here so you have to go to a distributor and pick up bottled water twice a week. This is the one close by where we live. 

These are a bunch of Kids from the Paraguayo villiage! They all speak a language called Gaurani and the older ones speak Castellano or Buenos Aires Spanish. They are amazing kids with amazing parents and we are so excited to see them learn and grow. (P.S. Mom the girl right in front is named Araseli) 

Me and Elder lem in front of the huge dock container deposit! Ships come here from all over the world! Pretty cool! 

Flooded Streets after a rainy night! Always happens without fail. This goes up half a tire and it only rained for 3 hours! 

These are two little kids from our ward. The electricity has been out for about three days so we live by candle light. They were dancing and singing with their little candle so I took the opportunity to snap a picture of them. 

Me in front of the Dock! The first time I have seen the ocean water since 2011!

Subway! Eat Fresh! So good to sit and speak english and eat a sub.Something you take for granted back in the states! 

Last but not least! The contaminated swamp! This is right in the backyard of almost all of our investigators. There are alot of health problems in the children and animals around here from the contamination. Sad. It is amazing to live in the biggest city in Argentina and see places like this that have no running water or electricity or gas. Feels so out of place and yet here, it is very very common. Almost half of the area that Elder Lem and I work in is considered "Villa" or slums. It is the grand majority of the population that lives like this in our part of Avellaneda. 

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