Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hey All!!!

This week has been a real week of miracles. The greatest lesson I learned this week would have to be that God is love, and that it is never too late to come back and change your life!  I've seen a ton of people change. It has been so hard for every single one of them, but they did it!!!

This week I'm short on time so I'm gonna send a bunch of pictures and call it good! I love you all so much! Hope none of these are duplicates!

A car. 

The Book of Mormon!  The Elders and young men from the ward

A Jacobson phrase on the Wall.

How they parked this car I have no idea! 

Front of the Independientes Stadium 

Us out proselyting at night

Dock Sud! I saw an american flag flying off the back of a ship here!!! Me and Elder Hope sang "My Country Tis of Thee" and kept going. Way cool!  Didn't have my camera though!

Love you! Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Elder Anderson

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