Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 2 in Argentina

Hi Family!!!

This week has been crazy!!!! We have been working REALLY REALLY hard and having some great experiences. This week Elder Hope and I contacted almost 100 people! 94 to be exact!!! It was crazy. We talked to everyone!!!! Of those 94, 31 asked us to come back and talk with them. Of those 31, 10 were actually home, of those 10, 3 actually had time to talk to us, and of those 3, 1 is going to be baptized-Alan on the 5 of November. We told him about the Book of Mormon and started reading with him and his eyes just lit up!!! He was so excited!!! We read with him and his friend Guillermo in 3 Nephi 11 where the Savior comes to the Americas. It is such a beautiful part and both of them expressed how much they loved their Savior. And they wanted to be as close to him, as close as feeling the prints of the nails in the Savior’s hands, as they possibly could. It was an amazing experience. I felt such an incredible power and peace in the room as the Holy Spirit bore such sweet testimony of truth. Because that is what the Spirit does. He gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling when something is right, and we just feel...good. Everything bad seems to ebb away and we are left feeling embraced by the warm arms of deity. It is so beautiful. I would encourage all of you to read the account of Christ coming to the Americas in 3 Nephi 11 and pray to know if this actually happened. If it is for real!!! I have prayed to know. And I have received my answer. That is why I am here. But each of us has the incredible blessing and responsibility to ask and know for ourselves.

So ya. That was the beacon of light and hope this week for me. We walked alot and talked alot, but at the end of the week it was all worth it, because we found 1 person that would listen. What else happened this week? Well I had an Alfahore for the first time. That was incredible. They are like cookie caramel covered in chocolate goodness. WOW!!!! They make my life!!! And Milanesa!!! I think I ate it everyday. Milanesa is like a thin meat, either carne or pollo and they bread it in this super rich breading and it is so rich!!! I love it!!!! But we kinda got too much of a good thing this week with it and now I think this week I’ll be avoiding it. What else? I got a cold. Probably because I went to give this one guy deep in the Villa a handshake, watched him wipe his nose all over his hand and then shake my hand. Ya. Loved that. That was fun. So I'm sick. But that is the life of a missionary I guess.

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and it was really great! I loved it. I could understand almost everything but a few words were still lost in translation. I am getting alot better though!!!! I can feel myself improving as I understand and talk more. It's like a game for me. I like it!!!! So the language isn't really getting me down. I just feel like a child. I see people once in a while yelling at me and I can tell they want me to do something but I can't tell what so I just kinda stare at them- it's fun. Then they get real mad and I hide behind my companion and make him handle it. He loves that!!!

Today was our Preparation day and all was going well till we started playing futbol and I took a pretty good digger and twisted my ankle and jammed all my toes on my left foot pretty darn good. That is going to make for a long week. I have a tree stump for an ankle!!! I´ll take a picture and send it next week. No worries. I think everything is all good. No brake or tears or anything. Just a good old sprain. Nothing like having a sprained ankle and having to walk 10 to 15 miles everyday to keep you real nice and humble. I’m gonna be doing alot of praying I think this week!

So that is week two here in Argentina. Nothing but fun and games!!! We are working hard, trying to eat healthy, and staying optimistic!!! Life is good.

I just keep saying to myself, Look up, step up, cheer up. I can do hard things! AND SO CAN YOU!!!!

Elder Anderson

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