Monday, September 5, 2011

Sept. 1, 2011

Aloha and Hola!!!!
 I've been here at the MTC over a month now and in 25 days I'll be heading out for Argentina. IT is a surreal thought that hasn't really hit me yet. I'm working hard and learning a lot though. This place is crazy, how fast you learn and how much in such a short amount of time!
The most incredible week has been for me here in the MTC. Elder Jefferey R. Holland of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles came and spoke to us on Sunday. He is an incredible man and I was in awe and so humbled to be able to listen to him. He is so wise. He spoke to us of the importance of our mission. He said "My mission meant everything to me!"  He talked about the immense work that we are taking upon ourselves. In all the world, every restoration of the fullness of the Gospel has ended in Apostasy. We are in the only time that will not end in a falling away from the truth. At the end of this dispensation, Christ will come in glory and majesty. That is so beautiful to me. He talked about how we are the most prayed for people on the planet earth and that “That should help get you through a hard day." He was so honest and forthright. He said "If you are struggling, welcome to life!" It is hard and sometimes it stinks really bad, but he also made the point that we are never alone and it is always worth it.
The thing that struck me most from his discourse was this. "People have given their life for this work! The most recent being 4 hours ago!!" He was crying and looked completely devastated. On Tuesday afternoon a missionary somewhere in the world was killed for this work. It is a humbling, and in some ways a terrifying thought. The thought that immediately went through my mind was "is it all worth is?" And I want you all to know that it is. I would give everything for this work. It is the work of God bringing souls unto Christ. How great the worth of souls!!! Now don't get all worried! I don't think I will be required to die for this work, but it is a humbling thought that made me really reflect on why I am here.
We were then able to ask him questions. One of which was, what does Christ want me to know right now? His answer was "He told the truth. Everything he said was true. Every word he spoke will be fulfilled. You can trust in the Lord with all thy heart!" I love it. It is a fact that I am reminded of everyday. I can't learn Spanish and learn how to teach all on my own. On my own I will fail. But lucky for me, I am never alone. I have Christ, My Heavenly Father, and the Holy Ghost on my side. I can do it with their help!!!
 On a lighter note, I thought you'd love to hear about one of my classic Spanish teaching blunders! So this week we are teaching Gloria and I begin to talk to her about what it takes to truly repent, explaining that this is a process that takes real time and effort. We can't just say sorry and be done with it! So I'm explaining this to her, it is totally serious stuff! Out of nowhere she starts busting a gut laughing at me! Repentance was the funniest thing she had ever heard about apparently. I am obviously super confused and thinking "What on earth did I just say to her?" Turns out I started teaching her about the Patos de Arrepentimiento instead of the Pasos de Arrepentimiento. If you don't know what that means, ask a Spanish speaker or do a Google translate. It was hilarious once I found out what I'd said. So yea. Oh! And another classic blunder. We are all pecadores NOT pescadores. There is a big difference!
I hope that make s you all laugh a little and can imagine my red embarrassed confused face!
 I love Spanish, I love teaching, I love being a missionary, I love my Savior, and I love you! I am so excited and humbled to serve the people of Argentina. I am already growing to love them and I think I've met a total of 5 Argentineans in my entire life! I love you and pray for you always. Please pray for the family of the missionary who has sacrificed all so that others like me can serve. This week and always, I am so grateful for his sacrifice.
 I love you all,
Elder Anderson
Note: Here is the news link about the sister missionary that passed away:

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